Wellness Coaching

What is wellness coaching? It's how we change outlooks, behaviors, habits, and crutches. We highlight the things you're doing right. We look at what things are keeping you physically and mentally satisfied, as well as what you can do to balance home life, work life, exercise, diet, and more. It's a process, and no one understands that more than us. 

Nutrition Coaching

What to eat and how to prepare it! Let's talk about the types of foods we're supposed to be eating and how those choices can actually be delicious! We'll cover food groups, portions, preparation, and even when the best time to eat is. 

Fitness Classes and Workshops

Let's get moving! On-site fitness classes and workshops help create a culture of wellness that is accepted, universal and inclusive. Get everyone involved with a structured exercise class geared to be adaptable to everyone on your team, scheduled for the days and times that work best for you. 



No matter what your current fitness or wellness level, you're doing something right. We'll focus on the positives, find what you enjoy, and work to emphasize the good as we make changes to bad habits. Your goals are up to you; focus on the changes you want to see in yourself. Weight loss, quitting smoking, managing stress or anything else, the goal is to make you happy, not anyone else. 

Our friends at GT Nutrition are always our first stop for personalized help. What to eat, when to eat it and the best changes to your diet all play an important role. We'll introduce you to Miranda and help incorporate her expert advice into your everyday life. 

Need a push to get going? In-home training takes you away from the sometimes intimidating and confusing gym or studio environment. Whether it's a few sessions to get some information and a routine in place, or a long term partnership to keep you motivated, let's make a commitment to move! 



In an hour, we can cover a lot of ground with your staff. Choose one topic, or schedule one Lunch'n'Learn a month to present more information on topics like:

Stress Management: Work, family, money. We know things can get hectic, but learning ways to manage stress can both reduce short-term problems and reduce the long-term effects of a busy lifestyle.

Nutrition: Not just what to eat, but why. Changing habits, encouraging healthy changes, and explaining how better choices influence your body's chemical reaction to food.

Goal Setting: This isn't a New Year's resolution that lasts three weeks. Real goals keep you encouraged, your environment keeps you motivated, and that end result keeps you accountable. We'll talk about how to set smart, attainable goals that promote lifestyle changes in the long-term.