Let's not talk ROI

It's time to stop.  Stop focusing on the link between worksite wellness programming and insurance premiums.  We've spent the last 20-30 (or more) years trying to find the link.  Sure, there's that one study out there that shows for every $1 a company invests in wellness they get a $3 return.  That's a great study but is it really going to make an impact when you are trying to validate your proposed wellness program to your CFO during budget season?  I'll tell you what..it's not enough.  Maybe its time to look at how a great wellness program impacts tangible improvements?  Improvements such as employee engagement, retention rates, loyalty, creativity and innovation.  When managers are conducting their one on one meetings with employees are they seeing employees that are willing to go that extra mile, are their employees calling in sick all the time or are they showing up bright eyed and ready to tackle the day, or are their teams productive and bouncing creative ideas around during team meetings?  During those Gallop polls are company engagement scores going off the charts in the right direction?  These are the tangible items that result in increasing company profits.  It's about return on innovation not return on investment.  Company profits can be measured.  So, let's stop focusing on your wellness program as to how it relates to rising or falling insurance premiums. Instead, how about focusing on providing exceptional wellness programming that focuses on more movement throughout the day, better nutrition, creativity workshops, and programs that are inspired by what your teams want and need.  Base your foundation with the premise that employees want to feel like you care about them and the rest will come into place.